Why Is God Hidden?

Why would a god keep himself hidden and have the universe operate as if he does not exist?

People’s idea of the divine has changed a lot over human history. There have been many religions and even more gods. However, from the multiple, bickering gods of old to the single god many people worship now, one common thread throughout most of these religions is that their god or gods demanded human respect and worship. Although people who want such respect make every effort to show themselves and their handiwork, their god has taken a very different path of not only refusing to show itself, but of hiding all hard evidence of its existence, and that it ever does anything.

God appears in the past
While there are accounts of god appearing before prophets and others in the past, such sightings have come to an end in a world in which devices that could record such events exist. Why would this change? Surely, people are just as in need of guidance as they ever were. If society of old justified at least an occasional appearance, even if it was only to select groups, why not now?

God’s deeds
The modern world has also lost the kinds of divine deeds that were performed for the ancients. Although there are certainly things science cannot fully explain, no longer does anything happen, such as staffs turning into snakes, which clearly defy the laws of nature.

In addition, while the ancients thought such things as stars, arrows in flight, natural disasters and plagues were all part of god’s handiwork, science has now shown us that none of these things require any kind of divine hand. In fact, there are currently theories that go to the very instant the universe itself began that do not require any god or gods. From natural disasters such as earthquakes being caused by plate tectonics, to the human genome which is mostly identical to primates, everything in science so far has pointed to other forces making the universe the way it is rather than a benevolent creator. In short, universe functions as if there is no god.

Where is god?
Of course, as large as the universe is, and considering there are likely hidden dimensions that that are impossible to detect with current technology, there is no way to prove that something does not exist (although there should be some physical traces in the natural world if a god ever intervenes). While a god perhaps could keep itself hidden from humanity, one has to ask why it would want to.

This is a god that is supposed to take an interest in human affairs. While not every religious person believes this god sent his son to be killed (albeit temporary), those who believe in god are following ideologies that their god supposedly took the trouble to inform humanity about. Most of all, this god is supposed to care so much that it sends people for the most sadistic eternal torture imaginable (as most believe, while others have other ideas of eternal punishment) over what people believe!

Why not?
With the stakes so high and considering how an eternal being would have nothing but time anyway, why not just offer hard evidence that would convince everyone of its existence and show them what religion, if any, they should follow? Why should appearances and miracles stop in the modern era? If this being took the trouble to create us, start religions and the like, why does it not take brief moments of its infinite time to prove it exists and clearly show people what it wants? Why would a god cover all its tracks and create a universe that functions as if there is no god?

Finally, there is the question as to how a caring god could have the heart to operate in this fashion. How could it let things like disasters, both natural and manmade, happen when it could prevent them from every occurring with the blink of an eye? How could it sit and watch so much horror being inflicted on humanity when it could easily stop it? If free will is important, it should be remembered that such events interfere with the ability of some to ever exercise free will (children dying young being the most obvious).

Of course, many people are utterly convinced they experience god and this god talks to them. If these voices and feelings were the same for everyone and always said the right things, this might be something that could be taken as divine evidence. However, history is full of people on both sides of conflicts certain they had divine sanction. For example, both Muslims and Christians have fought to the death convinced that god was on their side. Such feelings are what enable suicide attackers today to kill themselves and many others believing they are utterly right and justified.

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Faith can be a very dangerous thing if not backed up by evidence. Question everything and do not blindly follow. Certainty does not necessitate truth. If your God is almighty, he can certainly stand up to human questioning.

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