What If You Are Wrong?

A look at the implications of the question: What if you are wrong? Can not believing in god or the wrong one doom you for all eternity?

In debate, theists will often ask the question: What if you are wrong? This is a fair enough question that everyone should consider whenever making a decision. However, while religious people ask this question to others, they often do not ask it to themselves. Everyone can be wrong about everything. This includes their god. It is time for everyone to really consider what god options there are and make the most rational decision possible.

This first thing to consider is that history, as well as the world today is full of gods and religions. Virtually every one has had devoted believers utterly convinced in their hearts they are right. Without hard evidence, anyone’s sincere beliefs are as good as another’s and needs to be weighed equally. With this in mind, assuming there is a god, everyone has to consider that they may be wrong.

With so many religions to choose from, it is necessary to categorize to list the possibilities as follows:
1.    One of the Abrahamic religions is correct and there is a loving, merciful god out there that will send us to cruel, eternal torture (or some other type of eternal damnation since the religions cannot agree on this either) for not believing in the correct Abrahamic religion.
2.    One of the other religions, past or present, is correct.
3.    There is a god or gods and none of the religions of human history are correct.
4.    There simply is no god.

Faced with these choices, many suggest taking what they consider a safe bet and choose Islam or Christianity (their version of course). However, if we are going to assume there is a god out there that sends people to eternal torture over ideology, this is not a safe bet either. Any possible god could be from option 2 or 3 above and despise being characterized like the god of the Abrahamic religions.

There is also this to consider: Assuming humanity was created by a god, maybe that god wants us to be atheists or agnostics. That would explain why we do not have any hard evidence to support any religion.

For those looking for the safest option, atheism or agnosticism just might be it. The anthropomorphic god or Christianity, Islam and many other religions of history is often pretty cruel, bigoted, vile and an overall bad character. If there is a god that judges people after they die, let’s hope it is one that does not judge people over what ideologies they believe in but by how they lived their lives. That would be a god worth being wrong about, and the only way can truly good people be safe.

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Faith can be a very dangerous thing if not backed up by evidence. Question everything and do not blindly follow. Certainty does not necessitate truth. If your God is almighty, he can certainly stand up to human questioning.

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