How to Spread Divine Word

What is the best way to spread divine word? How does an all-powerful god do it? Thinking about this may shock you.

If someone had news that would not only save the lives of every person on the planet but could also save many from the most horrible torture, would it not the moral duty of that person to inform everyone to the best of their ability? Assuming Christianity or Islam is the word of a god, does not this god have the same moral duty to do everything possible to inform people which religion is correct in a way that everyone could hear and that left no doubt? Should not the word of an all-powerful being be spread in an all-powerful way?

The stakes
Nothing is longer than eternity and thus nothing can be worse than eternal damnation. The torments this merciful god promises in hell in the Bible and Koran could not be more horrible. With this in mind, is this god fulfilling its moral duty to prevent such unimaginable suffering?

Spreading divine word
Just think of what a PR firm could do with an unlimited budget. It would not be long before anything they were instructed to communicate would be heard in almost every language and corner of the world. In the case of this god, there is not only an unlimited budget but unlimited powers. Even human beings with their less-than-perfect intelligence and imaginations can think of all kinds of ways to both communicate to everyone and leave evidence that no normal mind could deny.

Religion, logic and miracles
If this god wanted to use technology, every TV, radio, homepage and any other form of media could at the very least be temporarily turned into a medium to communicate his word. Better yet, this god has the power to bypass technology and could just communicate with every person on earth directly. Why not do something like this and then turn every place of worship into the one of the favored religion instantly? There are just so many miracles, from great and small, that a being with the power to create the universe could perform with ease. Anything from making the moon disappear for a day to turning everyone’s hair another color would be undeniable and save a lot of good, but skeptical, souls from the most horrible eternal fate.

god's messengerHowever, this god does not do these things to support any religion and thus dooms many souls and sentences humanity to so much conflict and confusion. Some would say this is a test of faith, but why would the ability to blindly take the word of people who lived long ago be such an important test? Why not make logic and evidence compatible with religion? Does not this god know that many of the people he created need those things before they are going to follow any religion?

Why rely on people?

The method of this god to spread its word is to rely entirely on people that it has not given hard evidence to. One would think any god would want to spread the word himself or at the very least be seen directly aiding those spreading his word with solid evidence. There is absolutely no divine support to spread divine word. This is not a very helpful god.

If a god exists and he has divine truth for humanity, there is certainly no reason why this divine truth could not be presented with massive logic and evidence to back it up. Why would a wise and merciful god create a system that requires blind faith, creates so much confusion and sends many skeptical minds to eternal torture? If this god does not spread its word like any all-powerful being would, it does not deserve worship as such a being.

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Faith can be a very dangerous thing if not backed up by evidence. Question everything and do not blindly follow. Certainty does not necessitate truth. If your God is almighty, he can certainly stand up to human questioning.

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