The Incredible Retreating and Transforming God

See how the unchanging god that most of the faithful know today has in fact changed greatly over human history and retreated to its present form.

God is supposed to be eternal and unchanging, but a look at human history tells a very different story. Gods and their roles in the world have transformed as the world has changed and human knowledge advanced. Should a god that not only changes but seems to retreat with human knowledge be taken seriously?

When one studies history, they will see there was not always only one god, but that they came in every shape, size and type. From gods who demanded blood and human sacrifice, to the squabbling Greek gods and those that took the form of planets or could be found everywhere in nature, gods have been as diverse as humanity. For thousands of years, the god that most people now see very differently had no problem with countless generations of humanity going to their graves seeing it is so many different ways.

In time, this god changed into the anthropometric, but the supposedly very powerful and singular god most believe in today (or started to demand to be seen in such a way). In the beginning, this god aided armies, destroyed cities, sent prophets and even had a son with an earthling according to Christianity. It was very much involved in human affairs.

Now, apart from situations such as saving planeloads of people with great pilots or good luck (while others die) and speaking to people in ways that can never be recorded or measured scientifically, god seems to be withdrawing from human affairs. Why should a god that cares for his creations take less time out to get more directly involved in society than it did in the past? What has changed?

People have not changed much physically in the last couple thousand years, but their technology and knowledge about the world certainly has. Many now demand evidence before they believe stories while science and technology can record events and analyze phenomena. So it seems, unless there is some other reason this god is not sharing with us, it has clearly been retreating in the face of human technology and knowledge.shrinking god

People still do very stupid things though and are in need of good divine guidance (if it exists) as much now as ever. This god, who failed to provided knowledge such as germ theory when it was really needed, surely still knows a lot more than people do. Yet, it, retreated into a single being that only speaks to people privately and never does anything that cannot be explained by natural causes.

Should not a god be consistent and his power as obvious to people now as it was to those in the past? Surely a being with the power to create the universe can still impress humans and is more powerful than their technology. A god the cares about humanity should be just as involved in human affairs as it was in the past. Why has the gods direct involvement faded with cameras and other ways of recording miracles?

A god that changes with people and that retreats before technology should be thought of as a creation of people and not be taken seriously. People should return the favor and lose interest in their gods as their gods lose interest in them!

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Faith can be a very dangerous thing if not backed up by evidence. Question everything and do not blindly follow. Certainty does not necessitate truth. If your God is almighty, he can certainly stand up to human questioning.

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