Noah’s Ark - What Is This Story Teaching Us?

A look at the story of Noah’s Ark. Could it really have happened and what are its moral implications if it did?

The story of Noah’s Ark is central to Christianity and very similar variation is also in Islam. However, the story is full of flaws and does not even teach a good moral lesson if one examines it at all.

Physically, the story is totally impossible in many ways. There is simply no way any person (or family) could gather two of every creature from every continent in the world, keep them alive and cared for four months or even build a boat big enough to hold them. Then, there are all the other issues such as the mixing of salt and fresh water killing the fish, the destruction of plant life, the extremely high altitude everyone would have been at if the water was above in the highest mountains and so on.

When pushed on this, many of the faithful will say all these impossibilities were simply taken care for in a series of miracles. That only raises the question as to why a god asked someone to build an ark and do all Noah supposedly did if he was just going to miracle the outcome. From disease to man-eating lions, surely this god could have found a better way to annihilate those he wanted to destroy.

Mass murder and genocide
On top of all these physical impossibilities and the complete lack of logic in the Ark story, there are some serious moral flaws too. How can annihilating virtually all of humanity be classified as anything but mass murder and genocide? While numbers are never given in the Bible or the Koran on the death toll of the flood, surely the death toll would have to have been horrific. How can such mass slaughter be an example to set for humanity?

The people killed in the flood were supposedly evil and corrupt. Again, specifics are not given. It is pretty hard to imagine what they could have done that would have justified such a mass slaughter though. Besides, how could noah's ark moraleveryone have been guilty? Surely, these people were having babies (if not, then this god could have just waited a generation for nature to take care of the problem for him). What could the babies have done that would have justified them being cruelly drowned along with their parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters and everyone else?

Besides, if this god is all knowing, he should have known what was coming before he even made the people. Why would a loving and merciful being create people he knew he would mass murder and then have sent to eternal damnation?

After over two thousand years, some now say that the story should not be taken literally. If a literal reading was not this god’s intention, he sure did not communicate that fact very clearly. To this day, most of the faithful take it literally. Furthermore, it is impossible to find a good moral lesson in the story regardless.

All said and done, slaughtering everyone on the planet apart from a handful of people did not have the desired effect anyway. From Biblical times to now, people are just as flawed as ever.

The story of The Flood is hardly seems like the actions of a merciful loving god and certainly not something that should be taught to children. Surely, people can find better ways to teach good moral principles.

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Faith can be a very dangerous thing if not backed up by evidence. Question everything and do not blindly follow. Certainty does not necessitate truth. If your God is almighty, he can certainly stand up to human questioning.

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