Why Are People Killing for God?

People killing for God indicates something about them. What does it say about God?

From human sacrifices to wars and even the killing of family members, people have long been killing for God. This clearly shows a weakness of mind and spirit in human beings, and it also may be saying something about God.

Killing in God’s name
When people kill in the name of a leader, modern law often holds the leader responsible. For example, while it appears Charles Manson never participated in or specifically told his followers to carry out the murders he is known for, he was found guilty for leading his followers to do what they did. While it can be argued if books to include the Quran and the Bible are actually leading to and justifying killing for God, there is no denying that people have used them for this purpose.

Even if killing is not the intention of any religious book, if God is the author of at least some of them and does not want killing in his name, why not make it absolutely certain that killing in his name is NEVER permitted? At the very least, lay clear and definite rules (many a religious leader has argued that religious war is justified). A typical author who found his works being misinterpreted would certainly want to clear up any misunderstandings, if at all possible, especially if that misreading was causing evil and death. The fact that God should be able to correct any misunderstandings with the utmost ease makes allowing killing in his name all the more inexcusable.

Blaming people
People are blamed and held responsible for their actions, as they need to be. However, if they were, in fact, created, shouldn’t that higher power also have some responsibility? Companies and people that make machines and the like frequently must take responsibility when things fail. The fact that human beings are often stupid and easily mislead should reflect at least somewhat on their creator if there is one. Why not create better minds and why let people go bad? People need to be held responsible for their actions. However, the creator of such a frail, easily mislead minds could not be blameless, especially when the world he created often destroys those minds.

Religious wars
Untold numbers of people have died throughout human history in wars that were in at least in some way connected to religion. To this day, people in wars on both sides kill and go to their deaths sure that God was supporting them. If God is on one side or none, why not tell those devote followers the truth before they die or kill others?killing for god

Killing for God in the modern world
Although human sacrifice for Gods may not be practiced anymore, that does not make the deaths in the name of religion any less horrific for those who die or lose loved ones. Events like 9/11 and suicide bombings in the modern world are examples of this. If any leader sat back and watched followers kill in his name when he could easily stop them, that leader would be considered sick and evil by moral people. What makes God doing the same thing different?

God’s plan
Some say this is all part of God’s plan but letting people be murdered in his name, in a way that gives every indication of being totally random, does not offer much evidence of any kind of planning. A plan that shows every indication of being based on random murder is not a very good plan. If everything is part of some plan, it should be possible to see what it is how the negative parts of it can be justified.

In short, people killing in the name of God says something about both the people and the gods they worship. If God is to get the credit for all the good in the world, then he would also need to take some responsibility. This would include people killing in his name.

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Faith can be a very dangerous thing if not backed up by evidence. Question everything and do not blindly follow. Certainty does not necessitate truth. If your God is almighty, he can certainly stand up to human questioning.

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