Jesus’s Sacrifice

A closer look at Jesus’s sacrifice. What it really means for religion and humanity.

According to Christians, the story of Jesus’s sacrifice is the greatest story ever told.  It is a story of blood and sacrifice that should be looked at more closely.

While much of humanity now looks upon blood sacrifice as a senseless, ignorant waste, many of these same people look upon the blood sacrifice their god was supposed to have made as a great event. What makes one blood sacrifice better than another?

Forgiveness of sins
What sins exactly needed to be forgiven with blood sacrifice? Besides, if a being with infinite powers wanted to forgive the sins of humanity, why did not he just do it? Having a son with an earthling to be temporarily put to death in a remote corner of the world, without any of the historians of the day so much as noticing, seems like a rather needless and pointless step. On top of all of that, there is no evidence that it even made people behave in a better way.

An only child
Why was Jesus his only child or does he have a sister? It seems a being with infinite power and time would only have one son. It is even harder to understand why he would have the child temporarily tortured to death.

Divine plan
If it was the intention to have his son sacrificed from the beginning, then trying to stop Jesus’s execution would have been going against divine will. Did god put all the characters of the torture and execution on earth with the intention of having them betray, torture and kill his son? Regardless, they were carrying out a divine plan. It seems wrong to vilify and of then since they hardly had a choice or free will and were doing what god wanted anyway.

Sacrificing himself to himself
With Jesus in one with the father and the father making the decision to have him sacrificed, then it was a case of the god sacrificing part of himself for himself. Quite odd when one stops to think of it and hardly something a divine being would do.

The crucifixion
The pain inflicted on Jesus in his death would have been horrible. However, considering the short brutal lives so many lived and the barbaric execution practices of the time, it would not have been very difficult to find people who suffered a lot more. Furthermore, would a son of a god really feel pain? He certainly would have had the power to stop it. Did he not stop it just to feel pain for pains sake? What could the point of that possibly be?jesus on the cross

Even if he did feel physical pain, his death would not have been anything like any mortal human would feel. How could the life of a physical body mean much to a god with the power to create that body and even life itself? His dying on the cross would be nothing but moving out of a physical body to another realm, and this is something any god should be quite familiar with and proficient at. You cannot really sacrifice what you can easily create in any abundance you like. They death of one body would mean nothing to a god.

Celebrating death
All of this leaves those following the largest religion on earth celebrating a human sacrifice as a great event. What was an ancient torture and execution device is now a symbol of something wonderful? It might be better read as a symbol of how faith and religion can pervert values and make the ridiculous seem logical to those who do not stop and think about what they really believe in.

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Faith can be a very dangerous thing if not backed up by evidence. Question everything and do not blindly follow. Certainty does not necessitate truth. If your God is almighty, he can certainly stand up to human questioning.

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