Jesus as the Real Son of God

There are deeper implications of Jesus being the son of God that Christians need to really think about to find the truth of their religion.

People have said Jesus is the son of God countless times. It is at the core of Christianity. However, there are some interesting implications of Jesus being the son of God and being sent to his death that many Christians do not consider.

His only begotten son
Parents take great pride and joy in their children and often want to have more than time and money permit. Why would God only have one son? Material considerations would not factor in for a being with the power to create the universe, and time should not matter if God has always been and always will be. It, therefore, seems inconceivable that God only has one son (and if Jesus has any true siblings, they certainly are not talked about). With infinite time and material, wouldn’t he want to procreate more?

A single parent
Then there is the question of maternity. What exactly does Mary being Jesus mother mean? Did any of her, be it genetic or otherwise, become part of Jesus? Or, was Jesus a kind of inferior clone of his father? If none of Mary was in Jesus and God can do anything, why even have a mother? Why not just skip the whole impregnation part and send his son to earth directly as an adult (since so little is mentioned about Jesus’ childhood anyway)?

The whole idea of a god having a child with an earthling seems quite odd when you really think of it. The meaning of a child for human beings is the union between two people. It seems inconceivable that God would have genes or any other human properties. Therefore, Jesus could not have been the union between God and Mary, making Mary little more than a kind of surrogate mother of a child with one parent. This makes Jesus more like the clone of God and not his son. Why would God call Jesus his son when he was nothing of the sort as human beings understand it? He should have come up with a better word!

What kind of parent?
In some ways, it is better for all parties not to call Jesus an actual son of God. Isn’t it natural for parents to want to protect their children, especially if there is only one, from harm? A torturous death on a Roman execution device should be one thing any parent would want to keep their child from. What kind of father would plan such an event out?

Of course, it could be argued that sacrificing your own child to save others would be a very unselfish act. However, no sane parent would ever sacrifice their child if there was another way. Couldn’t God, with infinite power and wisdom, find a better way to forgive sins than to have his child tortured to death? Besides, if he wanted to forgive the sins of people, why not just forgive them? Why would some kind of human sacrifice, even a temporary sacrifice (if Jesus rose again), be necessary?

Use evil to prevent evil
Few would deny that human sacrifice is evil. Why would a perfect God with infinite power use evil to fight evil, especially when that evil is inflicted on his own child?  On top of all that, there are serious questions about Jesus’ sacrifice, and the idea of a god sacrificing part of himself to himself because of the flawed nature of the people that he created.jesus's sacrifice

Spreading your son’s legacy
Even putting the above questions aside, there are questions about the legacy Jesus has left. If God sacrificed his son for a higher cause, why not at least make sure everyone clearly understood the cause and sacrifice. Why would he have his son sacrificed in a remote province of the Roman Empire and not have the event witnessed and recorded by prominent people and historians of the day? If undeniable proof had been offered that the creator of the universe had spoken through his son on earth, who can deny Christianity would be followed by followed by every sane person on the planet today and his son’s legacy much greater? Parents trying to create a legacy for a lost child go to great lengths to make sure as many people as possible know. Why could not God, who surely could do much better than modern mass media, find a way to instantly inform everyone across the world of what his child had done?

Until these questions are answered, Christianity cannot be taken seriously.

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Faith can be a very dangerous thing if not backed up by evidence. Question everything and do not blindly follow. Certainty does not necessitate truth. If your God is almighty, he can certainly stand up to human questioning.

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