Intelligent Design-What Was the Designer Thinking?

How smart is intelligent design? Were human beings created with a plan in mind?

Those who do not believe in the theory of evolution often talk about intelligent design. They will argue that organisms like the human body are just too complicated to have arisen without a designer overseeing it all.  However, assuming people and all their imperfections were intelligently designed raises serious questions about their designer.

As the massive health care industry will attest to, people have all too many health problems. While one could argue whether or not a perfect being would create perfect people, it is pretty hard to argue that a perfect being would create human beings with so many obvious flaws that have always caused people untold agony, and that do not make sense from a design standpoint.

Useless parts
The intelligent design questions begin with unneeded parts. While the fact that men have nipples can be amusing, wisdom teeth and appendixes are not. How much agony and death have these useless parts caused humanity? Would not an all-knowing god be aware of this when including them in the human design? Why would any designer that cares about his creations deliberately include things that only cause pain and death?

Poorly designed
For all its wonders, the human body has many parts that any intelligent designer with the slightest foresight would have designed better. A search using the words “human design flaws” will turn up a lot of different things. Here are some of the most obvious:

The lower back is too weak. Everyone knows someone with back problems causing untold human pain and misery. A designer could have easily created it in a way that would have avoided all these problems.

The cartilage and design of the knees leads to easy injury and other problems in life. Again, these problems and the pain they cause could all have been avoided with better design that took into account the fact that humans walk upright on two legs, and this puts much more stress on the knees.

For women, the problem of the pelvis being too small has caused many millions of mothers to die and childbirth and made countless children to grow up without their mothers, if they survive at all. It is only modern science, while it has yet to take all the pain out of childbirth, to at least make it something that is not considered life threatening (in the developed world). What kind of merciful and benevolent designer would make childbirth so painful and dangerous?

Fecal incontinence, or the inability to control bowel movements, strikes people for various reasons to include a difficult childbirth. Fortunately, modern science can save many from this horrible condition that causes people so much mental anguish, but the intelligent designer did not.

how intelligent are we?Of course, there are many more aspects of the human body that anyone who has ever had an aliment can attest to. From horribly deformed children (the genetic code can get out of whack all too easily) to design flaws in the eyes that lead blind spots and loss of vision, it is pretty hard to see how any designer of human beings, while skillful in many ways, could have been doing his best, if that being was all knowing, merciful and powerful. In fact, it did not even think to give humans the capabilities, such as the ability to re-grow lost limbs, that he had the foresight to give many animals.

There are two possible explanations to these facts. The religious would say this is because of sin. It seems this god experiences feelings like anger and is punishing humans for their sins by giving them frail bodies. However, it is pretty hard to see why a merciful being could inflict so much pain and agony over something a distant ancestor did. How can allowing a baby to be born horribly deformed, a mother to die at childbirth, another to lose control of her bowel functions or an innocent person to experience horrible back pain, possibly be justified for the flawed human nature that would have been created by this being in the first place?

Considering all of this, it seems much more logical to assume there was no designer, or at least not one anything like what the major religions teach. Science has answers that do not require contorted explanations. Evolution is not a perfect, benevolent designer. There is an easy explanation for the problems with the lower back and knees. It could simply be that evolution has not fully adjusted the human body to a life of standing upright with the increased stress this puts on the lower back and knees (two limbs rather than four).

Wisdom teeth and the appendix once did have functions. Evolution is not concerned with human pain and does not always remove what the body does not need, even if it does sometimes cause needless suffering or death.

The human genetic code, that vast majority identical to that of chimps and other primates, while it does its job most of the time, is susceptible to horrible mistakes that often that cause ghastly deformities and death.

Evolution only had to get some things right for the human species to make it. The wonders in the human body can be explained by the fact innovations, over many millions of years, allowed certain advantages traits to be passed on. At the same time, the defects in nature can be explained by the fact that evolution is not caring or even conscious of its designs.

Those who want to believe they were intelligently designed by a higher power that is concerned about their welfare might want to stop and ponder what that creator had in mind the next time they have health problems.

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Faith can be a very dangerous thing if not backed up by evidence. Question everything and do not blindly follow. Certainty does not necessitate truth. If your God is almighty, he can certainly stand up to human questioning.

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