God and Contact from Grave

If people could contact loved ones after they died, the world would be a better place. Why doesn't God allow it?

It is the most basic human instinct to want to know how someone is doing. However, when it comes to the knowing the fate of loved ones, this fundamental instinct seems to have been ignored by the very being that is supposed to have created it.

People want to know
Whenever something happens that puts people in danger, the most basic instinct for everyone is to find out if those close to them are ok. People use every means available in these situations to learn what happened to those they know, and those who were affected want to get the word out that they are all right.

Bad news better than none
In fact, most people find not knowing worse than anything, even more trying than hearing bad news. Family members of the disappeared will go to any length to get news on their loved ones, and this includes those situations when they expect the news to be very bad. Being forced to hang to a tiny bit of hope is to horrible for many to bear.

Even dictatorships will notify family members of the deaths of their loved ones. Those leaders that have people disappear without a trace are considered the cruelest and most evil of them all (contact from the grave would thwart this).

If only people could know
When worst comes to worst and friends and loved ones do die, what greater comfort could there be for people than news that they were ok and would be reunited someday? Although religions teach this, the sadness and pain people experience when others die proves they are not entirely convinced. People need more than just promises to be really convinced of anything. Some kind of contact from the dead would be hugely comforting. Why doesn’t God permit it?

Of course, if there is a hell, contact from the dead would not be comforting for some. However, it would be hugely useful in encouraging others to take courses of action that would prevent more people from suffering the pains of hell. People are not always motivated by warnings in religious books, but testimonials from the grave, especially if those were from those they knew, would be hugely influential.

If life is a test as some claim, it could be argued that allowing communication with dead loved ones would be unfair to those who died before. However, the system could have been started from the very first person. Besides, considering that those who die young, the mentally ill, etc. cannot take this supposed test, it is not fair regardless. In addition, the good that would come from both the comfort offered and the souls saved would be incalculable.

contact from the graveIs there contact now?
While some claim to be able to communicate with the dead, and often collect hefty fees for it, this has never been proven in a way that comes close to being scientific. Even in the unlikely event that some could be proven true, it would be so limited and discreet as to be extremely unfair, since it only is offered to a select few. Unless hard evidence is found, and it should be relatively easy to offer if true, these claims cannot be taken seriously.

Communication is key
There is no denying the importance of communication. Why not keep channels open as much as possible? If this world is preparation for the next and decides one’s eternal fate, that would make communication even more important and not less. With all the good and comfort that could come from keeping at least some type of communication open, there is no logical rational that can explain why any god would close it.

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Faith can be a very dangerous thing if not backed up by evidence. Question everything and do not blindly follow. Certainty does not necessitate truth. If your God is almighty, he can certainly stand up to human questioning.

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