Giving God the Credit

How people and society give god credit for all the good but none of the blame for everything that is bad.

Who would not like a system in which they got all the credit when things go right and none of the blame when things go wrong? Since nobody would think this is fair if applied to an individual, company or government, it seems odd that a being with infinite power to change everything would be given such a break.

Every day, events from freak accidents to natural disasters indiscriminately take the lives of many people. When this happens, how often are there angry interviews of loved ones of the deceased cursing god for destroying the lives of innocent people and bringing so much grief upon the survivors? Does god ever get blamed for ripping children from the arms of their mothers and drowning them or making other children orphans? If they do, people keep these thoughts mostly to themselves because such views are almost never heard publicly.

What is talked about are the miraculous survivors. No matter how horrible the disaster, there are people who will praise god for a single survivor, but they will not give god any of the blame for the dead in that disaster or those for which there were no survivors. If any company made a product that killed many while saving a few, it is safe to say that most people would blame it for the dead rather than crediting it for the survivors. Why should god get just the opposite treatment, especially when he has the power to always create a good outcome?

The same question should be asked about things like diseases. If god gets credit when someone unexpectedly recovers from sickness, then why not give him some blame when innocent children die or lose their parents?

Then, there are the situations where people pray for victory or some other result. If the wining team can thank god, was the losing team rejected by him? Why would a god take sides in sporting events? Are those who pray longer or better favored?

Not only that, but according to many sincere believers and prayers throughout history, the Abrahamic god (and many other gods) has taken positions in many wars and battles. Why would not this god just tell people which side he favored before anyone died in battle? Either god is taking sides in these events or letting sincere believers think he is when it is not true.

Finally, there is the world and all that it is it. God gets credit for things like beautiful sunsets and the bounty of the land (brought entirely be human hands) but never gets blamed for the less wondrous things in the world. A divine creator of all would have also created natural disasters, famines, flies and flesh eating bacteria. Again, it seems odd to give credit for all the good while not assigning any blame for the bad.

If people are going to assume divine presence and give god credit when good things happen, it only makes sense to start assigning some divine blame also.

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Faith can be a very dangerous thing if not backed up by evidence. Question everything and do not blindly follow. Certainty does not necessitate truth. If your God is almighty, he can certainly stand up to human questioning.

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