Divine Proof of Divine Power

With something as powerful as divine truth, those who believe in the true religion should have some pretty powerful proof. An examination of the evidence religions offer.

Religions tell us that there is a god and that god wants us to worship it in a certain way. Furthermore, the consequences of not doing so will ruin one’s chances for all eternity. With this in mind, is not it rational to expect overwhelming evidence to support both the existence of this god and which religion this god favors? It is time to examine this question.

If this god gave irrefutable proof of its existence and asked a certain type of obedience directly, it is pretty safe to say the vast majority of humanity would quickly follow it either out of respect or fear. Knowing that many human beings have a natural tendency to doubt and want evidence before believing in something, a merciful god demanding belief in him and a certain religious ideology would surely be eager to offer hard evidence to doubters. That would certainly save countless skeptical people from the pains of hell and the faithful from fighting in his name. So, where is this overwhelming evidence?

The proof for the existence of god and religion
Proof of the existence of god generally takes the form of:

  1. Revelations to selected prophets that lived in the past and who were alone at the time. Since recording devices unfortunately did not exist then, there is no hard evidence any of their claims are true.
  2. Natural phenomena and miracles. However, this evidence, if it can be called that, is rapidly shrinking. While people once credited gods for every natural force out there, god gets credit for less and less and science can explain more and more. Also, even if some things could be proven to be miracles, it would not be proof they came from any god people worship.
  3. Personal revelations. People can sincerely believe they hear all kinds of voices that are not real though. Also, many of these personal revelations are contradictory about gods, religions and the like. Besides, if that was the preferred method of offering proof, everyone should have them.

The proofs for any particular religion being what a god wants are basically the same as above. Claims of prophets that lived long ago, supposed miracles and other natural phenomena that can increasingly be explained by forces that do not require a god and personal feelings from brains and senses that are not always reliable.divine power

A skeptic can easily dismiss all of these. So, where is the hard evidence? Why would not a god just give overwhelming evidence of its existence and what religion, if any, it wanted us to follow? For example, a god calls down from heaven so everyone can hear and says something to the effect: “I am real and I want you all to follow religion A. As further proof, everyone will turn purple and be able to fly by flapping their arms for one day.”

Something like that would be so easy for a god to do and save so much misery both on earth and in any afterlife. Why would a merciful god not take a few minutes of its infinite time to leave some hard evidence? This is supposedly a being with unlimited power and resources. Yet, nobody can offer any hard evidence which would stand up in court that this god even exists let alone that is favors a certain religion.

Finally, why should people be relied on to spread the word of something so important? If this god must rely on people for some reason, why not give them irrefutable evidence to back up what they are saying?

Again, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Furnishing extraordinary evidence should be extraordinarily easy for a divine being. It is inexplicable that a merciful god, that wants humanity to worship it in a certain way or be damned for eternity, does not supply it.

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Faith can be a very dangerous thing if not backed up by evidence. Question everything and do not blindly follow. Certainty does not necessitate truth. If your God is almighty, he can certainly stand up to human questioning.

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