Religious Skepticism

Religious Skepticism

The idea of religious skepticism angers some but is refreshing to others. This is because religion is one area in which skepticism is frowned upon by many. Is it a good idea to exempt religion from skepticism?

People like certainty, but certainty is not always a good thing. Human beings can be just as wrong as they are certain. In fact, some of the worst atrocities in history have been committed by those who were the most sure in what they think. Everything from the Holocaust to suicide bombings are examples of this.

As a general rule, the world and people need more skepticism and not less. There is no reason to exempt religion from skepticism, and there are many reasons to look at it with a more skeptical eye. If any religion is divine truth, then looking at skeptically will reveal this fact and make it stronger.

With a little more skepticism and less certainty, the problems caused by overzealous religious thinking can be lessened. The following articles look at the claims made by religions in a more skeptical light.

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