Religion & Society

Religion & Society

Something as pervasive as religion has a huge impact on the kinds of societies people live in. While there are many factors at work influencing the wealth as well as the conditions people live in around the world, there is no denying religion is a major one of them.

Some will argue that social norms are a greater influence than religion, but the teachings of these religions over the centuries have helped shape the social norms. Have these teachings led to more enlightened social norms and ways of living or have they hindered human progress with outdated teachings from backwards times?

It is time to more closely examine what exactly religion is teaching and how it influences society. Something that causes such a major impact on human thinking cannot be ignored when looking for solutions to the ills people see around them.

With these articles on religion and society, we hope to offer you news ways of looking at the influence religion has on social norms with an eye on making a better world.

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