The Nature of God

The Nature of God

When looking at the teachings of religions, it is possible to learn a lot about the nature of god as they see it. Are these portrayals a reasonable portrait of what people should expect any god to be like?

Depending on how one looks at the teachings of religious traditions to include Christianity and Islam, it is possible to see a god with the less than desirable traits. This is a god that would send human beings for sadistic eternal torture over their beliefs, kill large numbers of people, demand praise, watch over the most horrible atrocities while doing nothing and commit other acts that many would consider immoral. Is this the true image of any god or something that human beings created?

On the other side of the coin, the faithful will argue that people need to be very careful when looking at the teachings of religions. God, they say, works in ways that people cannot begin to understand, and there are deeper meanings in the stories that are told.

With the article below, True Religions will attempt to be as honest as possible when looking at the teachings of religions and what they say about the nature of their god.

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