Islam has received a lot of press coverage in recent years, and much of it has not been good. Has this been fair? Do the radicals in Islam justify painting the entire religion in such a negative light in the eyes of many?

While there are teachings in Islam that most would find moral, many atrocities have been committed in its name. Is this the fault of the religion or the people? Why does Islam seem to produce violence out of proportion to the number of followers it has?

It is important to look past the rhetoric of both Islam’s supporters and detractors to get the answers. What exactly are its teachings and was the intention of them to promote violence? What evidence does Islam have to support its claims? For the real answers, it is best to look past the news headlines of the day and directly at the important questions to include the above.

Please see the following articles for a look at the teachings of Islam and what they mean for the followers of the religion as well as the rest of the world.

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