Christianity is the largest religion in the world. With so many people following its teachings in at least some form, it is important to thoroughly look at what the Bible and Christianity are saying. The fact that a religion has many followers does not necessary make it right and true.

From the Noah’s Ark to the sacrifice of Jesus, Christianity has a lot of stories with morals that are open for interpretation. Are these stories the perfect word of an all-knowing and powerful god or just the ideas of ancient people? By looking at them carefully, it is possible to get a better idea of exactly what they are about and their origins.

Questioning is not something that should be discouraged. By questioning, people can expand their thinking and become stronger. By questioning religion, people can learn if its claims are true and strengthen their faith, or they can find new and more enlightening ways of examining its teachings.

As long as Christianity has more followers than any other ideology on earth, it will need the most questioning.

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