Our Brains vs. Heaven and Hell

Many major religions teach that our thoughts and actions will determine the fate of our souls for all eternity-heaven or hell (whatever they may be). Since our brains control our thoughts and actions, then our brains decide what happens to our souls. However, having a physical brain determine what happens to an immortal soul raises serious questions.

If we have immortal souls and our actions (decided by our brains) determines their fate for all eternity, what happens to those who lose have some kind of mental defect brain damage? For example, what about the mentally ill? How can they be judged fairly when they do not have full mental facilities? Sending them to hell would be sadistic beyond words. However, if they go to heaven, they would be getting a free pass. If some can get a free pass, why not give one to everyone?

What about a very bad person who suffers brain damage? Let’s say that person lives in almost vegetative state for years before he dies. If that person loses their previous memories, will they be judged for their actions in the years they were brain damaged or for the lives before the accident? If they are judged for their lives after the accident, then haven’t they dodged their responsibility by living a few years longer? If they are judged by their lives prior, then that means people cannot be saved after they are brain damaged.

The point here is why do we have these fragile brains determining heaven or hell for all eternity? If this is for souls and their fate for all eternity, then why not have our souls in charge? Why have brains? Why do our flimsy little brains determine what happens to indestructible souls? As it stands with our brains, something as simple as falling off one’s bike or depriving oxygen to the brain at birth can throw off this all-important test. That hardly seems like the perfect test from an all-knowing and just being.

brain in heavenOn top of all of this, even a healthy brain is hardly perfect. It is all too easy to brainwash people. What happens to their souls? What about the soul of a child that is brutalized and into committing atrocities? Does that child get eternal torture for falling into a situation beyond his/her control?

Furthermore, many children die before their brains even have the chance to develop. If the brains of these people do not determine their fate, then do their souls determine their fate? If so, why is not everyone judged by their souls and not their brains?

Finally, it has been shown the intelligence and belief in religion is inversely related. If intelligent minds are likely to send their souls to eternal torture, should not this god make people with lower IQs?

Of course, these questions can all be easily answered if the religions that teach this whole bit about our brains determining what happens to an eternal soul are wrong. Perhaps the real question should be if people really have souls or if religious teachings about heaven and hell have it wrong.

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Faith can be a very dangerous thing if not backed up by evidence. Question everything and do not blindly follow. Certainty does not necessitate truth. If your God is almighty, he can certainly stand up to human questioning.

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