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I was raised in a religious family never doubting there was a god. Nothing I was ever exposed to told me otherwise.

I do recall the first time I ever even considered otherwise. I was a Sr. in High School and had taken a Greek mythology class. I remember it struck me how different the Greek gods were. There were so many of them and the acted much like people did in their squabbles. I wondered why my god allowed those people to have such a different conception of what he really was.

That was perhaps my first seed of doubt. Gradually, the more I read and the more I saw of the world, the more my doubts increased. As these doubts increased over the years, I became less and less dogmatic in my beliefs. Eventually, I arrive at my current position somewhere between being an agnostic and atheist.

My goal with this site is not that there is no god or gods out there. While there is no hard evidence of any, nobody can 100% sure what might be out there. There is one thing that all logic and evidence points to though: that all religions are the creations of people and not of any god or gods.

Being the creations of flawed human beings, and they are thus are flawed ideologies. I think the Abrahamic religions, with their rather arrogant claims of divine truth that often appeal to our vanity and some of the some of the worst aspects of human nature, are thus the most damaging and what this site will focus on.

But again, all religions are the flawed creations of flawed people. It is only the degree in which they are flawed.

From wars, suicide bombers, cults and other problems, one does not have to look hard to see the damage religion does to the world. While religion in itself my not be evil, it certainly causes a lot of evil in the world today the way it is practiced.

I am not under any delusion that religious people who might read this site are suddenly going to change their beliefs. I do hope though that maybe, just maybe, it might plant a few seeds of doubt. I am not calling for an end of all religion, but an end of religious certainty. With less certainty and more humility, we would not so much of the killings, suicide bombings and other atrocities committed in the name of religion.

If there is such a thing as divine truth, we have not found it yet.

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